Global Stocks, Digital Transformation, Robotics & Automation, Central Bankers and US Politics with Charlie Fricker, Fund Manager of the Vermeer Global Fund.

Charlie Fricker is the Fund Manager interviewed on the Art of Investment Podcast this week. Charlie talks about the team’s global investment strategy, why they are overweight Japanese equities, how they are investing in the digital transformation, why central bankers are making the headlines currently and what he will be…

The Myths & Realities of Inflation with Simon King, CIO of Vermeer Partners

Inflation here in the UK continues to climb to levels not seen since the 1970s. But what does this mean for us all and when will the pain end? This week Paul is joined by Simon King, CIO of Vermeer Partners who discusses the myths and realties of our inflation predicament.

Why now for Japan’s stock market, lessons from 3 decades in investment management and open water swimming with James Salter, Founder and CIO of Zennor Asset Management

Show notes Paul was joined by James Salter on the podcast this week. James was a former founding partner of Polar Capital and has recently set up his own boutique, Zennor Asset Management with co-Founder David Mitchinson.

The future of UK Grocery, Supermarket investment and Arsène Wenger

What is the investment case behind supermarket property? This week Paul is joined by the leader in this specialist field, Ben Green, co-founder of Atrato Group. Atrato is the Investment Adviser to Supermarket Income REIT, a FTSE 250 real estate trust and the UK’s only specialist grocery property investor.

The opportunity ahead in Cultivated Meats with Anthony Chow, Co-Founder of Agronomics

This week we explore the exciting area of cellular agriculture with the man at the forefront of the drive here in London, Anthony Chow, Co-Founder of Agronomics. Agronomics is the investment vehicle listed on the London Stock Exchange…

Investing in the UK and a career in Portfolio Management with Laura Foll, Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors

This week it was a privilege to talk to Laura Foll who is widely regarded as one of the best stock pickers in the UK. She manages the Henderson Opportunities Trust, the Lowland Investment Company, the Law Debenture Trust and the Janus Henderson UK Equity Income and Growth Fund.

Geopolitics, Inflation and Shane Warne with Shamik Dhar, Chief Economist of BNY Mellon Investment Management

This week we were fortunate enough to draw on the experience of Shamik Dhar, Chief Economist of BNY Mellon Investment Management. Shamik has had a fascinating career having worked in the UK’s Foreign Office advising ministers on issues such as Brexit and he was also Senior Economist within the Bank of England…

38 years of stock picking, why invest in equities and Bruce Springsteen, with David Malpas

This week I talk to David Malpas, Investment Director and Founding Partner of Vermeer Partners. We talk about what the great investors of yesteryear all have in common, why we should be investing in equities and how to invest in an inflationary environment.

Investing in the Tech sector with Mike Seidenberg, Allianz Technology Trust

This week we look to the future with Mike Seidenberg, Portfolio Manager of the Allianz Technology Trust. Mike describes Silicon Valley to us and I ask him whether we are in another tech bubble, what the long term tailwinds for the tech sector are and we also touch on cyber security, semiconductors, Chinese tech, regulatory risk and Mark Zuckerberg’s big bet on the metaverse.

Resilience, leadership and the power of preparation with GB hockey legend, Laura Unsworth MBE

The heroic performance from the England Women’s hockey team in the Commonwealth Games is still very fresh in our minds. Laura Unsworth was again integral in helping the side clinch Gold for the first time in England’s Commonwealth history and what a special place to do it, in her home city, Birmingham.

India and China investing with Rob Brewis, Fund Manager of the Aubrey Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund

We were lucky enough to have Rob Brewis from Aubrey Capital Management join us this week on the podcast and we discuss why the emerging market consumer story is such an appealing one to invest in.

The Green Hydrogen Future with Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power

We were thrilled this week to welcome Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power to the podcast. We discuss ITM Power’s exciting technology, why this is not another false start for the hydrogen sector, how they are involved in the energy transition, what the future looks like for the company and finally Graham shares some advice…

Simon Melling – CEO, Christmas Special

In our final podcast of 2021, Paul is closer to home and chats with Simon Melling about the founding of our firm, what we have achieved for our clients since 2019 and his ambitions for the future.

Investing in Europe with Gareth Rudd, Fund Manager of the Chelverton European Select Fund

The Art of Investment Podcast is back! In this first episode of Season Two, we delve deeper into the eclectic mix of European stock markets, with our guest Gareth Rudd, Fund Manager of the fast growing and top quartile, Chelverton European Select Fund.

Is China too risky? Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist at Matthews Asia

I had the great pleasure this week in talking to Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist at Matthews Asia. For me, this episode put to rest many of my misconceptions of China from an economic and political perspective and I hope it brings a similar amount of insight to you.

The Future of the UK economy with Dr Savvas Savouri, Chief Economist of Toscafund Asset Management LLP

This week we listen to Dr Savvas Savouri explain why the future of the UK economy is so bright. I also quiz him on the issues facing Europe in its current guise, how China are exercising their monetary might and the future of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Transitory or Permanent Inflation? Peter Spiller, CG Asset Management

This week I talk to Peter Spiller, CIO of CG Asset Management about whether inflation is going to be transitory or permanent. Peter also explains how he and the team are investing in this inflationary environment.

The Energy Transition with Tony Catachanas, CEO of Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP

The COP26 summit has made many headlines in recent weeks and policymakers have set some lofty ambitions for reaching net zero emissions. But how are we going to get there, what needs to be done by the private sector and what does this mean for us as investors?

Part 1: Healthcare after the Pandemic with Paul Major, BB Healthcare Trust

The world’s population is getting older. Today 1 in 11 people are aged over 65 yet it is estimated this could rise to 1 in 6 by 2050. But is the healthcare system built to cope with this increasing level of demand?

Part 2: Healthcare after the Pandemic with Paul Major, BB Healthcare Trust

In the final part of this series, Paul shares a couple of the healthcare sub segments that really excite him (0.47) and I ask him how he thinks about ESG issues when investing in healthcare (8.18).

Do not forget UK Smaller Companies with Paul Marriage, Tellworth Investments

This week we delve into the smaller end of the UK stock market with Paul Marriage, Fund Manager of the Tellworth UK Smaller Companies Fund and Co-Founder of Tellworth Investments. We begin by looking back to Paul’s early experiences as a young investor (1.25) and the building of his career at Cazenove surrounded by some other…

What about Japan? Tim Gregory, the Vermeer Global Fund

Until very recently, the Japanese stock market has been left behind by other developed markets and I ask Tim why this has been the case (1.56). Tim’s fund, the Vermeer Global Fund, has had a high exposure to Japan since launch and I ask what he finds appealing about Japanese companies at the moment (4.25).

Stock Market Review with CIO of Vermeer Partners Simon King

We kick this episode off by looking back over the last few months, to understand why stock markets have performed so well recently (1.40).

Investing in Asia with Tom Naughton, Prusik Investment Management

This week we turn our attention to investing in Asia with Tom Naughton, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of the Asian investment boutique, Prusik Investment Management. Tom was a great guest with unparalleled knowledge of the Asian investment markets and it was fascinating to listen to his career journey to date.

What next for Netflix

Following last weeks dive into the Netflix success story, we get Charlie Fricker and Harry Clancy back on the podcast to discuss the future for Netflix and the competitive threats from other players in the TV streaming sector.

Investing in Global Equities with Tim Gregory, Senior Fund Manager of the Vermeer Global Fund

In this episode I have the pleasure of talking to Tim Gregory, Senior Fund Manager of the Vermeer Global Fund.

The Future for Big Pharma & Healthcare

In this episode Paul talks to both Simons and Tim again about the emerging themes in Healthcare and Big Pharma.

How Netflix Crushed Traditional TV

We look back at how Blockbuster made a huge mistake in not buying Netflix and what the future looks like for ITV and BT. Guests this week are Charlie Fricker of the Vermeer Global Fund and Harry Clancy of Vermeer Partners.

What is wrong with Big Pharma?

Looking beyond Covid-19, the two Simons and Tim talk to Paul about the issues facing pharmaceutical companies, why GlaxoSmithKline is coming under pressure and one of the largest biopharma companies you may have never heard of…

Investing in Luxury and the Consumer - Part 1

In Episode 6, we put handbags and glad rags under the microscope and the performance of luxury goods during the pandemic. Alastair McRobert, Paul Dixey and Tim Gregory discuss LVMH and Nike, along with the power of Jay-Z and Vaporfly…

Investing in Luxury and the Consumer - Part 2

In this episode, Tim and Alastair join Paul again to discuss the difficult political balancing act the Luxury sector faces.

Banking on a Future?

In this episode Paul, Tim and Simon look back to the harrowing days of the Great Financial Crisis and discuss whether the Banks are now investable again.

Is this the Great Rotation?

In Episode 3, Paul Dixey talks to Simon King and Tim Gregory about the value/growth conundrum drawing on personal styling tips and the joys of on-line shopping

The Energy Revolution

In Episode 4, Paul Dixey talks to Charlie Todd and Tim Gregory about the Energy Revolution, covering topics such as Green Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electric Vehicles.

Should we worry about inflation?

In Episode 1, Paul Dixey talks to Simon King, CIO of Vermeer Partners and Tim Gregory, Fund Manager of the Vermeer Global Fund about the threat of rising inflation and what we are doing with portfolios to protect against this risk.

Is Bitcoin the new Gold?

In Episode 2, Paul Dixey talks to Simon King, CIO of Vermeer Partners and Tim Gregory, Fund Manager of the Vermeer Global Fund about the rise of Bitcoin and how to assess its possibilities and pitfalls.